Royal Vacuum: Designed For Easier And Exceptional Home Cleaning

Royal is an appliance manufacturing company that started making vacuum cleaners way back in 1905. With such a storied history, you can be sure of the quality of the appliances that the company makes. The vacuum cleaners that Royal makes can be placed into two categories. You can either purchase their residential vacuums or their commercial vacuums. Needless to say, the residential vacuums are perfect for homes while the commercial vacuums are highly recommended for business establishments that occupy large floor spaces. What’s great about almost every Royal vacuum is that it carries with it an extensive or a lifetime warranty. This is a huge advantage considering the fact that other manufacturers usually offer limited warranties on their vacuum products.

Royal offers their customers dozens of vacuum cleaners to choose from. These appliances come in all sizes, weights, functions, and features. They have stick vacuums, upright vacuums, canister vacuums, bagged vacuums, handheld vacuums and bagless vacuums. What you pick will depend on your personal preference but whatever model you end up buying, you can expect it to function exactly the way it was advertised. The company regularly upgrades its products which is why they’ve come up with their Pro Series and Lexon Series of vacuums. All of the models in these product series meet if not exceed the quality standards in the home-cleaning industry.

When it comes to durability, only a few brands can come close to equaling the toughness of a good Royal vacuum. This is because the company utilizes the strongest metals in manufacturing its products. The body is made from die-cast aluminum which means it’s less susceptible to wear and tear. Aluminum is also among the lighter metals so moving the vacuum around a room won’t be much of a hassle. They are designed to make your life easier and keep your home look cleaner.

One of Royal’s most popular machines is the Pro-Series Clean Seeker Bypass Upright vacuum cleaner. This sleek and shiny vacuum has a cleaning path that measures 15 inches which allows you to clean more space at less time. A great feature of the appliance is the built-in sensor which will inform you if all the dirt has been removed from the carpet or rug. Not only will this save you a lot of time, it will also save you some money. Finally, the vacuum is surrounded by a furniture guard which protects it from being damaged when it hits hard furniture.

If you live in a house where there’s a lot of furniture or there’s a lot of tight spaces that can’t be reached using an upright vacuum, then it’s recommended that you get one of Royal’s canister vacuums. The S10 and Lexon Series Canister in particular would make for a good investment because it’s lightweight and it comes with several attachments that you can use to clean staircases, drapes, upholstery, and even ceiling fans. Of course, it’s worth mentioning here that canister vacuums tend to be much more quiet.

Royal has been building extraordinary vacuums since 1905, every vacuum is composed with a variety of brilliant segments, for example, metal handles, a metal spout with a lifetime guarantee and a metal fan. These sorts of elements help your vacuum cleaner last more, as well as they help your rug last more too. Carpet is one the biggest investment you have done in your house and replacing it means that you have to suffer a big loss. If the vacuum does not deeply removes away the dirt then you have to replace your rug very often, so doesn’t your house deserves the best vacuum?  Safeguard the magnificence and life of your floor choosing so as to cover a Royal family unit metal upright vacuum. You’ve made a noteworthy investment in your rugs and carpets so that replace them. Replace your vacuum and buy a Royal vacuum which helps your carpets to last longer.

There are some of the features that make Royal vacuum to be the greatest vacuum and unique in the market.

Royal Vacuum Appliance

Royal Vacuum


Weight is one the major consideration that the customer sees while purchasing a vacuum cleaner. People often falls into the trap of the advertisements of different companies and buy vacuum of wrong weight. Royal vacuum provides you with light weight vacuums which are easy to carry and easy to use. You don’t get tired or suffer from back aches while using the vacuum. You can also carry your vacuum cleaner to different floors and even to different places without any difficulty. This makes the cleaning process even more easy and comfortable. This is one the features found in the Royal Vacuums that makes it the best vacuum in the market.

Bagless Vacuum

It is a bagless vacuum cleaner. It provides with more space as compare to the vacuum with the bag. This means that you can clean more dirt before you have to empty it and clean it. The bagless vacuum cleaner also makes the washing easy as you just have to remove it and you can wash it into the sink.

relatively quiet vacuum

Customers not only want their homes to be clean but they also want them to be quiet as well. For instance, in many homes there are new born babies. In these types of houses it should be cleaned properly to decrease the risk of allergy and asthma but it also need to be quiet because the loud sound of the vacuum cleaners can disturb the sleep of the babies. For this purpose, the noise level was taken into special consideration when the Royal vacuums were being designed. Some vacuums do compromise the quality of the vacuum cleaners in order to lower the noise level but this is not the case with the Royal Vacuums. It gives you decibel level less than 70 dB and at the same time provides you with the most efficient results.

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